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    This page is incomplete

    Some rich dude spends 5 years on a hellish
    island and comes back to civilization as a vigilante.

    Arrow is live-action tv series based off DC Comic's
    Green Arrow (of all people). It premiered on October 10, 2012
    (few days after my somethingth birthday) and ran until
    January 28, 2020 on The CW.
    This kicked off the start of the Arrowverse, a series of
    DC Comic live-action series that also aired on The CW


    Undertaking / Dark Archer / Malcom Meryln Arc
    Oliver finally comes home after spending 5 years away from
    his friends and family. Bro becomes Starling City's Batman
    and goes on a crusade killing people on some list his daddy
    left for him. While on this righteous crusade, he gets 2
    more people to join his quest: John Diggle (former army dude
    and bodyguard) and Felicity Smoak (former IT girl at Oliver's
    company and the tech person). While on his crusade, "The
    Hood" comes across this copycat black archer and fucking
    beat his ass TWICE iirc. This archer is revealed to be the
    father of one of Oliver's friends, Tommy Merlyn, Malcom
    Merlyn (who looks like Elon Musk for some bizzare reason)
    who has also devised a plan known as The Undertaking to fucking
    obilterate a broke section of Starling City known as The
    Glades using a fucking earthquake device because some thug
    killed his wife there. Dude is actually successfully
    unleashes the earthquake destroying the already broken
    place. Ofc "The Hood" defeats him but doesn't kill him.

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